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The Science Behind Digital and Freeform Lenses


Digital and freeform lenses are customized lenses using the latest technology. Conventional lenses are made from molds and then finished at a surfacing lab by adding your prescription to the backside.

Digital lenses are made starting from a mold and surfaced on the backside, same as a conventional lens, but the surfacing is done differently. A computer calculates how to digitally surface the backside of the lens for the best performance looking through the lens.

Freeform lenses are not made from molds. They are surfaced, both the front and back side of the lens, for optimal performance. The computer calculates for over 1400 points, where and how your eye looks through the lens, and surfaces both sides of the lenses from these calculations!

Digital and freeform lenses take into account your prescription, your face, your frame, where you look through the frame, the angle of the lens, etc. to make sure that you are getting the best visual acuity possible.


What Do Digital and Freeform Lenses Do for Your Vision?


Most people are familiar with the phrase "high definition" referring to televisions, cameras, dvd players, gaming devices, etc. Like a camera lens, the more pixels, the better the resolution. This lens performs in similar fashion. By calculating so many smaller areas of the lens, there is a greater degree of accuracy in your prescription in all areas of the lens. You also get better clarity and field of depth, along with a decrease in aberrations that can be caused by strong prescriptions, astigmatism, conventional lens designs, etc. Additionally, in progressive lenses, by decreasing these aberrations, the viewing area of the intermediate and reading zones are increased up to 20%!


Are Digital or Freeform Lenses for You?


Digital and freeform lenses are available in single vision, line bifocals, and progressive lenses, in any lens material. If you want the best vision possible, consider getting digital or freeform lenses next time!