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Progressive lenses are the most natural correction multi-focal lenses for presbyopia. By gradually progressing from your distance correction to your reading correction, it actually provides many prescriptions for the distances in-between as well. Whether you're driving, looking across the table, at your computer, or reading a book, there is a focal point in the lens that will allow you to focus comfortably and easily.

In making a progressive lens, the lens has a channel that runs from the distance focal point to converge into the reading zone. The progressive design, while allowing you to see many distances clearly, creates aberrations in the lower corners of the lens that can cause a "swimming" sensation when first adapting to wearing a progressive lens. With modern lens designs, many people have no problems adjusting to a premium quality lens.



Vision distortions and aberrations, narrow viewing areas, and difficulty adjusting to wearing a progressive is usually the result of using an inferior quality lens and/or a poorly fitted progressive lenses. There are many factors in properly fitting a progressive, including choosing the right progressive to use for your frame, your prescription, and the fitting height, individual pupillary distances, the angle of the frame on your face, etc.  Our licensed opticians are experienced and will make adjustments to make sure your measurements are exact and fall within the channel properly.

At Clancy Optical and Spex Eyewear, we use only premium progressive lenses and have licensed opticians on staff to help you choose which progressive is right for your frame and prescription, and take proper measurements to give you the best vision.


The premium lenses we use are the best products offered by the top research and development labs in the world. And, though we use the best that are offered internationally, most of our lenses are Made in America!